Epic video from Lone Tree Survival:

We couldn’t have said it better ourselves!


Rock and Ice falls in love with the feel and carry of the Air Beam Framesheet


The CiloGear W/NW 60L WorkSack weighs just 40 ounces.

“We did blind tests with the air frame….. climbing 5.7 sport climbs with a 30-pound load at Big Rock near Riverside, California. Sometimes they climbed with the Cilo’s rigid frame and sometimes with the Air Beam frame.

No one noticed any difference in load transfer to the hips, but each climber said that the air frame allowed more freedom of movement. I also loaned the air frame and pack to ski mountaineers (40-pound packs) and they also said that the air frame allowed more twisting and bending, while still giving support.”

Rock and Ice said it:  Equivalent load transfer to rigid framed packs with a better range of motion, lighter weight, and more comfort. 

The Klymit Air Beam is built for Motion.  Check it out in our packs:  http://www.klymit.com/index.php/products-1/backpacks/motion-35.html


Our buddy Sam rides bikes…AND just invented a better, simpler clipless pedal system.

Everyone that rides bikes…this is for you.  Our buddy Sam right here in Ogden has created a more simple and elegant solution for clipless pedals.  Check it out, and if you choose to support the project on Kickstarter good for you.  We vouch for Sam and Mobius cycles!



The Tetons from the Idaho side…

If you haven’t approached the Tetons from the Idaho side and dropped into the Teton Basin off trail…..you really should.  My favorite is rapid creek.  It is no longer on the maps, but is marked with Cairns, and can be found in some of the old climbing approach guide books.

Happy Trails!Image


On a roll!!!!! Klymit Ultra Endurance athlete Kelly Agnew with another win!!!

Ultra running is a tough sport, giving the athletes massive amounts of time to beat themselves mentally, and that is assuming the body holds up.  I love reading about that inner dialogue.  Here is another delightful gonzo description of 48 hours of determination:



Klymit LWD wins GEAR OF THE YEAR!!!!!!

Our huge in the water, tiny in your pack packraft, the LWD, received a GEAR OF THE YEAR AWARD from Gear Junkie!!!!  We are stoked!!!!  Thanks to the wise folks over at Gear Junkie, and for the support of all adventurers who are looking at a map a little different with the LWD in hand.  Literally, it is the size of your favorite Tolstoy novel when carefully folded!!!


We are enthused by the pick and the thought that something that we playfully named the Light Water Dinghy has the potential to make real packrafting accessible to everyone that can find it in a retail location or online.  The 2 pound tax is nothing when compared to the copius amounts of fun you will have at your own lake in the backcountry, or on your own creek, or getting to where no one else can by easily crossing just about anything.   We had a ball testing and developing the LWD, using a little geometry and not a small amount of “Kentucky Wind”.  I remember one time when Matt, Cory, and I took a 50D nylon version over a 3 foot drop in the Ogden Kayak park….all on it at the same time.  We did it 3 times and were just amazed at the bouyancy.  The fourth time we got cocky and chose a bad line.  The bouyancy of the LWD is unmatched in all light packrafts.  That was about 450 pounds on the boat, and it rocks.  Hunters can float their game out like the trappers of old, 2 careful hikers can cross in one pack raft.  The possibilities are endless, and the LWD just screams potential.

It has been said that the peaks and the trails of the world have all been tread upon and carved, but there is so much more to discover.  The LWD is among our most unique contributions to the pursuit of exploring the rest.  Thank you for giving it a try Gear Junkie, and seeing the vision while having a blast.  We are hopeful that the LWD continues to have an impact; and that impact is generating toothy smiles and finding new places to be inspired by and connected to.

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The Epic of Epics…establishing new routes in the murder capital of the world

Here is one of our favorite stories from Rock and Ice.  Enjoy!  http://www.rockandice.com/lates-news/the-epic-of-all-epics

Shane Houbart fully racked for pitch 12 (C2+).

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