Worst night in the woods winner

We hope Jeremy won’t be sleeping on the job, but if he does he’ll have a Klymit Cush pillow.

Well, we’re not sure if getting a terrible night’s sleep in the woods makes you a winner, but Jeremy’s story had us in stitches. We loved Jeremy’s ingenuity of using seven zip lock bags in a stuff sack as a pillow. He was totally on the right path to create his very own Klymit Cush Pillow. We suppose, lucky for us, we beat him to it. Of course, not lucky for Jeremy, he suffered a pretty bad bout of altitude sickness, which won him plenty of pity points. So congrats, Jeremy! You are now a proud owner of a Klymit Cush Pillow and Seat. We hope you’ll be writing stories soon about your amazing night of sleep in the woods moving forward.

Here is Jeremy’s entire entry –

The Worst sleep I ever had in the woods happened on a normal everyday hike in the so cal mountains with my brother and some friends. We had a great hike up several thousand feet and setteled into camp for dinner where eveyone was complaining about how tired they were. After dinner we set up for sleep and I proudly showed off my new “ultralight” pillow. It was 7 ziplock sandwich bags stuffed inside a stuff sack because after all, who really needs a pillow. I was heckled but resolute in my ultralight ways and settled in for the night with my “pillow.”

After dozing off to the sweet sounds of my snoring friends (yes I was the last one to sleep) I awoke to my bivy sack brother screaming and beating his bivy in terror. As Adreneline was coursing through my previously restful veins I heard him screaming “IT’S A DEER!” as it turns out a deer had wandered upon him and nudged him in his sleep. Fearing a bear or mountain lion he shot from his bivy like a man from a cannon. Everyone laughed and proceeded to go back to bed except me. You see my (pillow) had deflated and I could not go back to sleep. I tossed and turned but found no comfort.

I finally wandered into slumberland and awoke as my head bumped against a rock, or a stick, or something else’s my pillow was supposed to protect me from. Suddenly, I didn’t feel so well. I knew what was coming and did what I could to release myself from the bondage of my sleeping bag. As a struggled round one of the vomit filled my mouth, in terror I was scrambling to find the zipper of the tent to release the rest of my insides to the outside. Finally, after what seemed like an eternity, I found a zipper, pulled and released round two to what I thought was the outside world. Unfortunately it wasn’t. I had opened the window fly on the front door and filled it with my vomit. Still struggling for the outside, but now having to balance a tent fly full of what I had for dinner, I finally found the door and finished my sickness. I will spare you the gory details of the clean up, but I managed to find some spare clothing to suffice as a pillow and finally went back to sleep.

I the morning my Dr. Brother explained to me that I had suffered a bout of altitude sickness. He may be a Dr. But you and I know the truth. It was all my pillows fault. And thats the worst nights sleep I ever had in the woods.

God Bless, Jeremy

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