Coming Soon: Klymit’s Kickstarter Project

You know our lab rats here at Klymit are creative. We’ve sure enjoyed coming up with all the solutions for your outdoor adventures, including the Klymit Inertia sleeping pads, the the new Air Beam and the Kinetic vest line. We’ve used our creative juices to invent technology like NobleTek argon gas insulation, loft pockets and body mapping.

However, new product development is expensive. And while we would love to let our product guys go crazy, we have decided we need to get creative in looking for new funding sources to feed our innovation habit.

We recently decided that Kickstarter could be the perfect answer. Kickstarter is “a funding platform for creative projects.”  Perfect, right!? In the last few years, more than 2.5 million people have pledged more than $350 million to fund more than 30,000 different creative projects around the world.

So, we’re getting ready to launch a project on Kickstarter, and we hope you’ll cheer us on.  We’re trying to get enough support to bring to market a couple of products that are truly game changers.  We don’t currently have the extra cash to actually make these product dreams a reality.  Hopefully, with the help of Kickstarter participants, we’ll be able to bring customers these fascinating products that offer true solutions for your outdoor escapades.

Stay tuned for more details…we’ll let you know when our Kickstarter campaign goes live.

In the meantime, we’ll tease you with the fact that participants will win some great Klymit gear like t-shirts, waterbottles and Cush pillow when they offer different levels of support.

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