Klymit Supports the 5,000 Mile Project

We got this update from our friends Dave and Kat with the 5000 Mile Project and Klymit is incredibly proud to be a part of their journey. These two incredible athletes are putting some serious miles under their belts–running, unsupported, the length of South America in a year for its wilderness and wildlife. Here is what Dave has to say about their trip (and their sturdy Inertia XL pads) so far:

Dave and Kat here from the 5000 Mile Project – running the length of South America in a year – the two Inertia XL mats are incredible- we have been sleeping in some horrendous conditions and they have kept us warm and comfortable over snow and ice as well as a lot of not so bad weather too in Patagonia.

Could you do me a favour and send a couple of repair kits for the mats please? Amazingly, I have only had to use one in the first 50 nights of sleeping on them, but we are heading over to Argentina, then Bolivia and Brazil and the vegetation is less forgiving.

Keep an eye on our Facebook page for Dave and Kat’s video showing the mats in use on snow and be sure to check out the 5000 Mile blog here. We hope everyone will join us and cheer Dave and Kat on in their extraordinary journey! If you are interested in donating to their “ambitious and impactful” project and becoming a sponsor, you can find all the information you need here.

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