We are Rallyin!

Klymit is calling all trendsetters who know that sharing is caring! We need people who love to get the word out, especially about their passions that have become their lifestyle.
Klymit at www.Rallyin.com


Imagine a place where you can share all the brands and products that help you live the life you love AND, by sharing, you just might inspire someone OR find some great people to follow. More importantly, rally a group together to spark a deal direct from a manufacturer.

By now you’re chomping at the bit to know what we’re talking about, right?! Well, wait no more…introducing www.Rallyin.com where products for the passionate meets social commerce!

The Rallyin team has been working feverishly to take social networking to a whole new level.  Rallying.com has created platform where you, the consumer, can not only post pics, videos and share comments about your passions and lifestyles, but also have a real dialogue with the brands you love.

That’s right, we’ve been invited to start communicating with you directly and become part of the discussion at Rallyin.com. We’ll post about the products specific to your lifestyle and invite you to share, comment or simply follow. When we see that you and a minimum of others are in the market for a specific product, we’ll make the magic happen and get it to you.

So, are you ready to become part of this revolution?! Well then, log on to www.Rallyin.com and register! Start sharing your unique opinions and invite your friends to join the party.

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