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The Tetons from the Idaho side…

If you haven’t approached the Tetons from the Idaho side and dropped into the Teton Basin off trail… really should.  My favorite is rapid creek.  It is no longer on the maps, but is marked with Cairns, and can be found in some of the old climbing approach guide books.

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Klymit LWD wins GEAR OF THE YEAR!!!!!!

Our huge in the water, tiny in your pack packraft, the LWD, received a GEAR OF THE YEAR AWARD from Gear Junkie!!!!  We are stoked!!!!  Thanks to the wise folks over at Gear Junkie, and for the support of all adventurers who are looking at a map a little different with the LWD in hand.  Literally, it is the size of your favorite Tolstoy novel when carefully folded!!!

We are enthused by the pick and the thought that something that we playfully named the Light Water Dinghy has the potential to make real packrafting accessible to everyone that can find it in a retail location or online.  The 2 pound tax is nothing when compared to the copius amounts of fun you will have at your own lake in the backcountry, or on your own creek, or getting to where no one else can by easily crossing just about anything.   We had a ball testing and developing the LWD, using a little geometry and not a small amount of “Kentucky Wind”.  I remember one time when Matt, Cory, and I took a 50D nylon version over a 3 foot drop in the Ogden Kayak park….all on it at the same time.  We did it 3 times and were just amazed at the bouyancy.  The fourth time we got cocky and chose a bad line.  The bouyancy of the LWD is unmatched in all light packrafts.  That was about 450 pounds on the boat, and it rocks.  Hunters can float their game out like the trappers of old, 2 careful hikers can cross in one pack raft.  The possibilities are endless, and the LWD just screams potential.

It has been said that the peaks and the trails of the world have all been tread upon and carved, but there is so much more to discover.  The LWD is among our most unique contributions to the pursuit of exploring the rest.  Thank you for giving it a try Gear Junkie, and seeing the vision while having a blast.  We are hopeful that the LWD continues to have an impact; and that impact is generating toothy smiles and finding new places to be inspired by and connected to.

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The story of the Static V…how we solved the problems of air beds…with a little Mad Science!

Hammock style

Hammock style

The Mad Science behind the Klymit Static V…This Aint your Momma’s Air Bed!

Like the Award Winning Inertia X Frame, the Klymit Static V represents a landmark in sleeping pad technology.  It delivers incredible comfort, enhanced durability, and a better night’s sleep….all at an alarmingly light weight, small pack size, and industry leading ease of use.

The goal for the creation of the Static V was lofty.  We set out to solve the 3 major problems of air filled sleeping surfaces, from your old school queen airbed to our competitors’ pads.  We achieved this, and offer this pad at an amazing price point.  Perhaps we err in our romance, but we believe landmarks such as these should not be limited only to those who can afford them, and the Static V is tearing down mental barriers for outdoor adventure as I write this.  I’ll let the advancements that we achieved through challenging these problems elucidate why everyone sleeps like a baby on the Static V:

Problem 1: Air Movement…aka the ‘waterbed effect’

We observed that on both horizontally and vertically baffled camping pads that when you move on the pad to adjust your sleeping position, the pad keeps moving, bouncing around, and wallowing long after, in a way that we call the “waterbed effect”.  The reason for this is the large air spaces in the baffles hold air at less pressure than the small spaces the air passes through on the weld terminations at the head, foot, or sides of the camping pad under movement.   Therefore, when you move it takes a considerable amount of time for these pressure spikes through the terminations to equalize across the entire pad.

Solution 1: The Static V disperses air in 6 directions from every chamber, and pressure is focused towards the side rails to keep you on the pad, even under movement.  By spreading the air out in multiple directions and through multiple channels, we can make an air filled surface feel and react more like thick foam.  We take the rebound and bounce out, allowing you to sink into the pad and feel stable and supported.  The increase in comfort is remarkable, and more noticeable the more nights you are on the trail.

Problem 2: Warmth

The classic configurations (horizontal and vertically baffled) of inflatable sleeping surfaces are often chilly, and all have an r-value of 1.  The air movement of the pads, and the lack of significant deep welds that can retain warmth limit their use to warm nights and provide convective and conductive limitations.

Solution 2:  The Static V utilizes the anatomically patterned V shape body map that is not only more supportive and comfortable, its deep welds allow for the preservation of the body’s warmth in air pockets, limit air movement, and disperse cold air below.  The increase in warmth is massive, 30%, elevating the Static V as the warmest pad in its class at an r-value of 1.3.

This brings up a contentious issue in camping pads, and honestly is a topic that is so full of misdirection it saddens us.  Thermodynamics is a quantifiable science.  Most of our competitors lie to you.  Even since launching this pad one of our competitors has “magically’ increased the r value of their un-insulated pads to 1.5 with the same fabrics and configuration that it has been in for more than 4 years.  Please know that we will never lie to our customers for a good marketing story or sales.  Trading your dignity and integrity for money and confusing expectations for passionate adventurers will yield you nothing but a pocket full of lies and an empty soul.

Problem 3: Ease of Inflation

Many camping pads in a similar configuration require 30 to 50 breaths.  Has anyone been on a climb at altitude and watched someone pass out from blowing up their camping pad?  We have!  There is just no reason to toil with that many breaths.

Solution 3: 7-15 breaths for the Static V.  BAM!!!!  I did it at 6 at Sea Level this fall after a solid high altitude summer of training.  If you beat me you get a discount.  Not only do our deep, shaped welds increase durability, they allow us to adjust the volume and thermodynamics of the pad.  This means quicker set up, take down, and more fun in between.

These solutions combine to dramatically increase comfort over any other air bed on the market.  At Klymit, through the development of all of our pads leading up to the Static V, we have developed a body of knowledge on how to articulate inflatables and make the air go where we want, do what we want it to do, and support the sleeper or paddler so much better.  We can control volume and insure a quick and easy take down, and make our pads lighter, warmer, and more durable.

The Static V has become the pad of choice for even the casual adventurer who wants to truly sleep well anywhere on the planet.  It’s comfort and support is unmatched, and ease of use is truly a joy.  We are proud of its design and glad that it sells, but we are elated at it’s value and impact.  Please try one if you haven’t yet, and Happy Trails!


The Mad Science behind the Klymit LWD: the next step in the evolution of the ultra light movement.

LaunchThe Mad Science behind the Klymit LWD: the next step in the evolution of the ultra light movement.

We were talking a little Type 2 and a little Product Dev one day, and Josh from Ruta Locura gave us a challenge.  Can we re-create and ultralight raft similar to that of the venerated Curtis design model, something that weighs and packs little, but adds a very large slice of adventure for a paddler or fisherman?  Needless to say, we were intrigued.  The gauntlet had been thrown down, and after a little geometry (Yes, Mrs. Damron we really did use math in our professional life, you were right!) we had an oval boat shape that mimicked traditional designs but could be manufactured in 2D.  It was an adequate shape, that gave you good flotation, but the ergonomics, paddling position, and water trackability were not optimal.  Now that we knew we could accomplish the classic template, it became time to do what we do, articulate it, use shapes to focus air pressure where we want it to go, and see if we could make it better.

The shape of the LWD is the resultant composite of the careful targeting of problems with classic lightweight raft designs:  We try to observe problems as challenges, and these are the way we came to the solutions:


  1.  Round designs evenly distribute pressure, yet pressure is focused on the center of the paddler.  This leads to a sag point by the user, and buoyancy point away from the user, resulting in backflips in hydraulics.
  2. Paddling position is low and awkward.
  3. It is difficult to use your favorite Kayak paddle.
  4. In most rafts you can’t sit upright, you lay back and it leads to increased back fatigue.
  5. The inner shapes are not ergonomic, and can be uncomfortable.
  6. Water tracking is non-existent in oval rafts.


  1. A huge, shaped section moves the center of buoyancy directly under the paddler.
  2. The shape pushes directly into your lower lumbar, elevating your paddling position and supporting your lower back for comfortable paddling over long periods of time.  The angles of the sides are specific to allowing you a strong paddle stroke with your favorite kayak paddle.  There are even notches shaped specific for your J strokes and control strokes, to easily rudder, surf, and stay where you want in the water.
  3. The angles of the LWD are specific to allow you to use your favorite kayak paddle that you know and love, webbed gloves, or stay tuned as we are working on a trekking pole solution.
  4. The paddling position is surprisingly supportive and stable, and very upright.  It is perfect for a good, strong stroke….or a nice, long cast.
  5. The last several iterations of this product were built entirely focused on interior ergonomics.  We revised the position over and over so that you feel “locked in”.
  6. The pointed shape and centered weight help this boat track water surprisingly well. In no way does this track like a kayak, but it does track better than classic oval rafts.

The Result:

First name Game, last name Changer, the LWD is an advanced pack raft that will beckon adventurers toward new horizons.   Designed with input from pro kayakers and pack rafters, Klymit’s first entry into the paddle sports market has been made, and made with vigor.  Featuring an advanced boat shape that tracks water and an ergonomic seating position that allows comfortable, upright, and well supported paddling position, the LWD paddles well and feels good on the water.  Weighing in at 32 oz and packing down to 4×9 inches, you will forget you had it in your pack.  Alpine lakes and rivers are now part of your backcountry playground, stay dry canyoneering, go camp on an untouched island….with the LWD…why not?

The New Horizon:

Taking up only a liter in space and weighing 2 pounds, the adventurer sacrifices nothing.  What they gain, however, is the opportunity to legitimately look at a map differently, and add more adventure to the average backpacking trip.

Yup, she’s yar 🙂


Klymit provides Gossamer Gear with an Air Beam pack frame

When the Klymit team decided to make a universal Air Beam pack frame, we knew that we would want to team up with the most innovative leaders in the backpacking world. Gossamer Gear is one of those companies that continues to impress us with their revolutionary take on lightweight packs. Because of their commitment to providing customers with the best of the best, we wanted to manufacture an Air Beam pack frame that would enhance their specific backpacks. Although our logo is on the framesheet, Gossamer Gear has seamlessly and effectively integrated it into their sales efforts.

We are excited to see what lies ahead for the future of Gossamer Gear and how the Air Beam changes the way their customers experience lightweight backpacking.

From the ‘Featured Product’ section of the Gossamer Gear website:

The Gossamer Gear Air Beam Pack Frame is a removable, adjustable, inflatable pack frame that will fit in any Gossamer gear pack.  Add the Air Beam to your Kumo or Murmur pack and get a light weight frame that can also be used as a sit pad (on appropriate ground) or rolled up and partially deflated to make a pillow.  The airbeam will also work with our framed packs but you may want to remove the frame first to save the weight.  The firmness of the pad is adjusted using the attached inflator bulb and can be done on the fly.  The Air Beam Pad comes in three sizes L-M-S. The pad size corresponds with the size of your pack. Each pad comes with a repair kit and the attached but removable inflator bulb and connecting tube.  The weights and size info can be found in the SPECS section of this page.

The GG Gorilla with the Air Beam

The GG Gorilla with the Air Beam

Check out the actual size of the Air Beam for Gossamer Gear in relation to a Keen sandal here.

Did we mention that the Gossamer Gear guys came to visit us during Outdoor Retailer this year? Well, they did and it was a blast. We had a great time giving them a tour of HQ and showing off all of our new products for 2013. You can read their version of the visit here.


Klymit named ‘Best in Show’ at ORWM ’13

Lite Water Dinghy wins 'Best in Show'

Lite Water Dinghy wins ‘Best in Show’

We are honored to be part of the winners of The Gear Junkie’s Best in Show award at Outdoor Retailer Winter Market 2013. Every year The Gear Junkie team compiles a list of what they feel are the most innovative and unique products out of the thousands of brands that participate in the Summer and Winter Outdoor Retailer trade shows. Since The Gear Junkie is widely considered one of the top sources for product reviews and news in the outdoor world, we know what a huge compliment this is for our company.

Thanks to everyone who stopped by our booth and played around with our products. For those of you who were unable to join us in Salt Lake, the product dubbed ‘Best in Show’ was our new Lite Water Dinghy, or LWD, a lightweight packraft that includes a dry bag with an air pump for dual use of blowing up your raft and keeping your gear dry.

For more information and a quick look at the other awesome products that made the esteemed list, head over to the Gear Junkie article here.


Come see us at ORWM ’13

Klymit is super stoked to be returning to OR this January in Salt Lake City, UT!

We’ve always had a great time at Outdoor Retailer and now we are busy getting prepped to bring you a whole array of new products. Last year our booth was one of the busiest at the tradeshow and if you didn’t get a chance to stop by, now is your chance to see what we have to offer. Here’s a photo of our booth at Outdoor Retailer Summer Market:

SUmmer OR

The Klymit team knows that we have a variety of cool new innovative gear that will prove to our loyal fans that we are continuing to push the outdoor market to entirely new levels. One of the products, the Insulated Static V, has been up on our website for about a month, but now we are ready to show it off in all it’s glory. Here is a sneak peak if you haven’t seen it yet:

Insulated Static V

The Insulated Static V is only the beginning of what you will see if you come by and see us at the tradeshow, so please stop by Booth 15009 and spend some quality time with us and our new products. We hope to see you there!

About Outdoor Retailer Winter Market (ORWM)

ORWM is North America’s largest winter lifestyle and sports industry gathering in the world. 20,000+ attendees. 200,000 page impressions/month around show time. Brands include Timberland, The North Face, W.L. Gore, Columbia Sportswear, Patagonia, Johnson Outdoors, Merrell and ; buyers include REI, The Sports Authority, Cabelas, Nordstrom, and thousands of other retailers. Media players include Outside Magazine, National Geographic, Men’s Journal and hundreds more, including non-endemics like WSJ, Forbes, Newsweek. 21,000+ overall attendees. 200,000 page impressions/month around show time.

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