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The Tetons from the Idaho side…

If you haven’t approached the Tetons from the Idaho side and dropped into the Teton Basin off trail… really should.  My favorite is rapid creek.  It is no longer on the maps, but is marked with Cairns, and can be found in some of the old climbing approach guide books.

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We are Rallyin!

Klymit is calling all trendsetters who know that sharing is caring! We need people who love to get the word out, especially about their passions that have become their lifestyle.
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Imagine a place where you can share all the brands and products that help you live the life you love AND, by sharing, you just might inspire someone OR find some great people to follow. More importantly, rally a group together to spark a deal direct from a manufacturer.

By now you’re chomping at the bit to know what we’re talking about, right?! Well, wait no more…introducing where products for the passionate meets social commerce!

The Rallyin team has been working feverishly to take social networking to a whole new level. has created platform where you, the consumer, can not only post pics, videos and share comments about your passions and lifestyles, but also have a real dialogue with the brands you love.

That’s right, we’ve been invited to start communicating with you directly and become part of the discussion at We’ll post about the products specific to your lifestyle and invite you to share, comment or simply follow. When we see that you and a minimum of others are in the market for a specific product, we’ll make the magic happen and get it to you.

So, are you ready to become part of this revolution?! Well then, log on to and register! Start sharing your unique opinions and invite your friends to join the party.


Klymit Supports the 5,000 Mile Project

We got this update from our friends Dave and Kat with the 5000 Mile Project and Klymit is incredibly proud to be a part of their journey. These two incredible athletes are putting some serious miles under their belts–running, unsupported, the length of South America in a year for its wilderness and wildlife. Here is what Dave has to say about their trip (and their sturdy Inertia XL pads) so far:

Dave and Kat here from the 5000 Mile Project – running the length of South America in a year – the two Inertia XL mats are incredible- we have been sleeping in some horrendous conditions and they have kept us warm and comfortable over snow and ice as well as a lot of not so bad weather too in Patagonia.

Could you do me a favour and send a couple of repair kits for the mats please? Amazingly, I have only had to use one in the first 50 nights of sleeping on them, but we are heading over to Argentina, then Bolivia and Brazil and the vegetation is less forgiving.

Keep an eye on our Facebook page for Dave and Kat’s video showing the mats in use on snow and be sure to check out the 5000 Mile blog here. We hope everyone will join us and cheer Dave and Kat on in their extraordinary journey! If you are interested in donating to their “ambitious and impactful” project and becoming a sponsor, you can find all the information you need here.


Loft Pockets & Body Mapping 101

Ever wonder what we mean when we talk about Loft Pockets & Body Mapping? Well, we are here to help clarify these cozy-sounding terms for you.

Body Mapping:  Klymit sleeping pads are revolutionary in that they mirror the human anatomy.  By doing so, they provide a sleeping surface that is designed specifically to offer you more comfort and a better night’s sleep whether you sleep on your back, your side, or your stomach.  We have created two luxurious body maps:

  • Pressure Point Body Map:  This acclaimed minimalist body mapping technique has been winning over backpackers since its introduction in 2010.  The Klymit Inertia camping pads comfortably support all the places your body touches a sleeping surface.  The remaining areas are removed to minimize weight, allow for breathability, and enhance warmth.
  • Anatomical Body Map:  The V shaped designed pads are ultra comfortable camping pads designed to mimic the muscular structure of your back.  By matching the contours of the human body, the Inertia XL and Static V naturally accommodate all body types and offer enhanced comfort over standard camping pads.  This neutral body map is ultra comfortable by itself as found in the Static V.  When combined with the comfortable loft pockets, side rails, and built in pillow on the Inertia XL, and the ability to customize the pressure, the result is the most comfortable camping pad on the market.

Loft Pockets:  This patent pending technology is a Klymit exclusive that makes our camping pads the most versatile available.  Whether the pad is under your sleeping bag or inside of it, the pad allow your sleeping bag to stay puffy underneath you, thus capturing the warmth from your whole sleeping bag and not just the top.  This technology allows the lightest, most compact, and most comfortable camping pads on the market to also be the warmest camping pads in cold weather, and the only breathable pads on the market in the summer.  Simply put, you can always sleep in any condition that the sleeping bag is rated to on any of our camping pads with loft pocket technology.


Klymit team continues to grow

As a small start up company, it is always exciting to add new staff. Not only is it fun to add fellow innovators to the team, but it is also a clear indication that we are growing. With the addition of two sales team account managers, Tanner Allen and Nate Baldwin, we will have much more man power to offer our customers and ensure our high-end, innovative products come with the best customer service available. Go here to check out the press release all about them joining the Klymit team.

Tanner and Nate will work to grow and maintain Klymit’s business relationships with retailers and dealers across the country.  Baldwin and Allen are also Klymit product specialists and will provide product clinics for dealers.

Most of all we want to say welcome to Tanner and Nate. These two guys have hit the ground running and we look forward to their continued contributions to Klymit. Please help us welcome them both.


Featured Product: Klymit Inertia X-Lite

Weighing in at a mere 6.1 ounces, the Klymit X-Lite is one of the world’s lightest, most compact and most technically advanced 3/4 length camping pads. Designed with Klymit’s body mapping technology, it gives you support and comfort where you need it, and not where you don’t.  This pad is for light and fast backpackers. Packing down to a tiny 6-inch roll, the Inertia X-Lite pad also uses loft pocket technology to allow sleeping bags to loft out into the gaps – capitalizing on the sleeping bag’s own insulation. Inflated with only a few breaths, the Inertia X-Lite also comes with a bulb hand pump for customized pressurization.

Weight: 6.1oz (7.9oz with pump)
Inflated Size: 42”x18”x1.5”
Pack Size: 6”x1.5”
Product Materials:
• 75 D Polyester Bottom
• 30 D Ripstop Top
MSRP $89.95

You can purchase Klymit’s Inertia X-Lite here.

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